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Meet our past micro-grant award winners 🏆

We select new awardees each quarter. In addition to $1,000 micro-grants, we connect founders with resources to help them build their business.

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Max Michel & Jovany Ruiz - Sport of LifeWestern New York Chapter | Spring 23

Sport of Life helps athletes overcome their identity crisis during the college-to-real-life transition. Their services include the Perspective Project, offering service trips to underserved communities, and an Identity Creation Curriculum focused on Self Discovery, Health Literacy, Interpersonal Skills, Financial Literacy, and Identity Creation. By bridging the college-real-life gap, Sport of Life empowers athletes for a successful journey ahead.

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Lauren Waldroff - BelovedWestern New York Chapter | Spring 23

Beloved offers a stress-free solution for those looking to part ways with wedding-related items they'll never use again. Lauren's dedicated platform enables you to sell these items en masse, ensuring they find new homes instead of ending up in a landfill. With a curated and seamless resale process, there's no more hassle of using platforms like Facebook marketplace or engaging in endless negotiations.
Tracy Csavina - Sustainably RootedDenver Chapter | Spring 23

Tracy's business specializes in renewing indoor and outdoor spaces for homes and workplaces. Through a circular business model, Tracy repurposes, recycles, or donates materials to prevent landfill waste. By doing so, she creates stunning, sustainable spaces that embrace nature's love.
Oboseoye Ojeaga - Plant Soul VeganWestern New York Chapter | Summer 23

Plant Soul Vegan offers convenient plant-based meal prep services, saving customers time and effort. With fresh, locally sourced ingredients, they provide delicious lunch and dinner options. Simply place your order online, choose a pickup time slot, and enjoy wholesome meals without the hassle of grocery shopping and cooking.

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Candace Lattimore - Rosia B. Mobile Phlebotomy ServicesWestern New York Chapter | Summer 23

Rosia B. Mobile Phlebotomy Services provides a convenient mobile solution for individuals unable to visit blood labs. With a small fee, Rosia travels to patients' locations, draws their blood, and delivers it to the labs. This service ensures that individuals can get their necessary blood tests done without leaving their homes.

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Stacie Lampkin - KidocateRXWestern New York Chapter | Summer 23

KidocateRx is a central hub for reliable information provided in plain language about children’s medications that forms the foundation of improved health outcomes for children, ultimately nurturing a generation of healthier, happier, and thriving individuals.

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Lydia O'Connor - Homage Design Co.Denver Chapter | Summer 23

Realistic faux florals are hard to find in the market. What's typically available tends to age poorly, often glued into clear vases, losing their aesthetic value over time. Leveraging her skills from working in the floral industry, Lydia crafts stunning, lifelike faux floral arrangements. Her products offer the appeal of fresh flowers-- and they remain beautiful forever!

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Chad Williams, Daniel Abbotoy, Eman Wajed, Rodney Chatmon, and Cain Mcdermott - Buffalo Fashion HouseWestern New York Chapter | Fall 23

An immersive hub for Buffalo's emerging designers and artists to collaborate, showcase, and grow, blending modern fashion with traditional textile artistry.

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Kamil Gerald - Signing Is ArtWestern New York Chapter | Fall 23

Signing Is Art provides engaging and fun art lessons that are easily teachable for the whole family. Sign language is viewed as art instead of another language which makes customers more receptive to learning.

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Jake Browne - Mana Club MonthlyDenver Chapter | Fall 23

Grasping the intricacies of Magic: the Gathering can be daunting for many. The market is filled with complex strategies but lacks clear guidance. Drawing from his deep-rooted passion for the game, Jake Browne introduces Mana Club Monthly. His service provides streamlined, expandable starter decks accompanied by engaging audio and video tutorials. With Mana Club Monthly, players experience the thrill of the game, enriched with clear understanding—making every match memorable!
Farnosh Family - Sun GheeDenver Chapter | Fall Pitch Event

Guided by our cultural connections and blended family we lead with love in providing nourishment. Our ghee highlights unique flavors such as sage and rosemary along with cardamom and ashwagandha. We help you easily enhance your breakfast, appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

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