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$1,000 micro-grants for under-resourced founders

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Supporting the Neighborhood

Our Mission

Good Neighbor Fund is dedicated to leveling the playing field for entrepreneurship by providing $1,000 micro-grants to under-resourced and underrepresented founders, primarily at the ideation stage. Inspired by Buffalo’s nickname "The City of Good Neighbors," we offer not just financial support, but belief capital and mentorship to empower new and diverse founders.


Since our founding in 2023

New Business Ideas Funded
Women-Owned Businesses
BIPOC-Owned Businesses
Awardees from low-income zip codes
(Data only available from our WNY Chapter)

Being a Good Neighbor

Our hometown of Buffalo, New York has many nicknames, but we've always felt "the city of good neighbors" to be the most representative of the soul of the city.

It is a diverse community that has endured heartache and tragedy, yet always rallies to help its neighbors.

We couldn't think of a more fitting name for our organization.

Belief Capital


Our micro-grant process is simple and 100% online. Complete a short form and record a 60 second pitch video. Our LP teams will review all applications, and at the close of each quarter will meet to determine the micro-grant award winners.

This is not venture capital and we expect no return on investment. This is belief capital— an endorsement of your potential.


In the Press

Learn what the press is saying about GNF here.

"The Good Neighbor Fund grant that I received in April 2023 was far more than a financial contribution to jump starting my business. It provided validation for an idea & passion that I have had for some time and support and encouragement to realize a dream of entrepreneurship after a 22 year teaching career. The grant money, resources and connections have been invaluable to help the seeds of my business grow and I feel blessed to be a part of this community of Good Neighbors. With much appreciation for what you do and the support you provide entrepreneurs."
Tracy CsavinaFounder @ Sustainably Rooted LLC


Who should apply?

- Entrepreneurs of all ages and all walks of life.
- Founders from under-represented communities.
- Individuals or small teams that have an idea for a business, looking for validation and capital to kick it off.
- Business ideas of all types: local, high-growth, SaaS, brick and mortar, etc.

What we look for in an application

- Business ideas at the ideation stage.
- You're still brainstorming and figuring things out.
- You understand the problem you're looking to solve.
- You have a clear outline of how you will use the $1,000. We want to see it make the biggest impact in helping you get your dream off the ground.
- Passion in your pitch video.

What we avoid when selecting awardees

- Personal use or self-promotion. Examples: home renovation, utility bills, professional training, etc.
- Projects that are not sustainable businesses.
- Established companies. If you're generating revenue or have raised outside funding, we're likely not a fit.
- Other charitable organizations, we want to directly fund entrepreneurs.
- We do not accept consulting business applications at this time.Unclear use of funds.
- No pitch video. We want to see the real you pitching your idea!

Is there a catch?

There is no catch. All micro-grants are unconditional awards to empower you to take the first step into starting your business. When you win, the entire community wins.

Post award support

We don't stop at micro-grants. We want to ensure our founders are set up for success and ready to start their entrepreneurial journey.Through our LPs and organizational partners, we match founders with the resources they need to succeed: key intros, program and accelerator matching, mentorship, and more.

Our Partners

Mission-aligned organizations that support entrepreneurship for all.

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