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We award $1,000 micro-grants to jump-start your entrepreneurial journey.

our mission

We are committed to enabling individuals from financially disadvantaged communities to pave their way to economic security through entrepreneurship. We recognize that not everyone has access to equal opportunities, and that's why we strive to empower under-resourced entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

what's in a name?

Our hometown of Buffalo, NY has many nicknames, but we've always felt "the city of good neighbors" to be the most accurate representation of the soul of the city.

It is a diverse community that has endured heartache and tragedy, yet always rallies to help its neighbors.

We couldn't think of a more fitting name for our organization.

GNF is a giving circle: a small, diverse group that shares a passion for entrepreneurship, community, and empowerment.

We pool our knowledge, resources, and networks to award micro-grants to inspiring founders. We are 100% volunteer-led with no overhead, meaning all contributions go toward our mission.

This isn't venture capital and we expect no return on investment. We're here to help incredible people build incredible things.

We currently host chapters in Buffalo, New York, and Denver, Colorado.

how it works

We award $1,000 micro-grants to selected pitches every quarter. Our Y1 Spring selection will take place on 3.30.23.

To be considered, fill out an application and include a 60-second pitch video (estimated time: 10-15 minutes).

Our LPs will review all submissions and cast their votes; the pitch with the most votes wins. Multiple awards may be available, in which they will be awarded by ranked voting.

We will contact the winner to arrange a handoff of funds. Winners will be included in our portfolio section and added to our exclusive Slack channel with our LPs.

in the press

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We are powered by BootSector, a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to empower, educate, and support the next generation of local entrepreneurs and startup leaders. Learn more about BootSector at


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